Miroslava Topić BSc Phd (Cape Town)

Dr Topić has a background in the motor industry in Europe, before completing her PhD and a post-doctoral fellowship at UCT. She is now a Senior research Scientist in the Materials Research Department at iTemba labs outside Cape Town.

Research Interests

Her main area of interest lies in phase transformations in thin coatings and alloys, characterisation of metallic coatings using accelerator based techniques and application of diffraction techniques in materials science and engineering.


M. Topić, G. Favaro, R. Bucher

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G. Corbel, M. Topić, A. Gibaud, C. I. Lang

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TP Ntsoane, M Topić, R Bucher

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S Nsengiyumva, TP Ntsoane, AT Raji, M Topić, G Kellermann, JP Riviere, DT Britton, M Härting

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M Topić, CA Pineda-Vargas, R Bucher, HE du Plessis, B Breedt, V Pischedda, S Nxumalo, CI Lang

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A Gibaud, M Topić, G Corbel & C Lang

An X-ray scattering study of the Pt1-xVx alloys, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 484 (2009) 168–171
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M Topić, G Favaro, C Pineda-Vargas, R Bucher, CI Lang

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M Topić, G Favaro, R Bucher, CI Lang

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