Nyasha Mawire

Novel, Low Cost, CFRP, Pressure Vessel Design for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications
Hydrogen fuel cells have emerged as a potential replacement for the rapidly depleting fossil fuels that have detrimental effects to the environment. Hydrogen has a higher energy density (on a mass basis) than most fuels available in the different kinds of transportation vehicles for the same mass of fuel. Hydrogen as a fuel produces electricity when it is passed through a hydrogen fuel cell and releases water as a by-product which is harmless to the environment. The issue however, is with the storage of hydrogen and this project will focus on the high pressure gas storage of hydrogen. Because of the high pressures involved, materials with high strength with the least amount of material are suitable for this application. Composites are arguably the best in that regard and also have better corrosion resistance and offer less cost relative to metals like aluminium or steel. The primary objective of this project will be to design, manufacture and test if a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) pressure vessel optimised for mass, cost and maximum pressure capacity can be suitable for hydrogen fuel cell applications.