Hiranya Naicker

Parametric study on the compactibility of Ti-6Al-4V during direct powder rolling
Titanium alloys possess a distinctive combination of high strength, low density and good corrosion resistance which make them extremely attractive for use in the aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries. Implementation of titanium alloys in these industries is however limited due to costly manufacturing processes. Improving the techno-economic issues associated with this metal is what has motivated much research into considering alternate processing and consolidation techniques to conventional ingot metallurgy. Reducing processing steps as well as mass production via rapid consolidation of components are major goals in this field of research.

Direct powder rolling is a promising technique in producing sheet products. The process involved cold rolling the powder feedstock into a green strip followed by a sintering step to homogenise (for blended elemental powders) and further condensed, and then hot rolled for final consolidation. Current work aims to refine this process to produce green strip between 60-90% of blended elemental Titanium-6 Aluminium-4 Vanadium powder followed by further sintering and hot rolling steps to reach full density with desired mechanical properties.