Francisco Agostinho

Development of High Performance and Efficient Coating Repair Systems for Offshore Tropical Marine Environment
The lifespan of organic coating in tropical offshore environment ranges from five to 15 years. Despite the high cost, maintenance coating has lower performance than the original one. Up to date, this performance gap points to the difficulties achieving effective surface preparation offshore, which includes limitations of abrasive blast cleaning, relative humidity and salt contamination. Despite the effort of coating manufacturers to address this issue by developing surface tolerant coating systems, the need for further research still exists to fully define the parameters that affect coating performance, as well as develop effective and efficient surface preparation techniques (mechanical and chemical) to work in tandem with the high performance coating systems. .

This research focuses on deepen the understanding of the effects of the type of contamination present prior surface preparation, and the type and levels of rust removal prior maintenance coating application, on the performance of the applied organic coating system. With a better understanding of the influence of surface contamination and type of surface preparation method on the coating integrity, more effort can be expended on treating the most critical type of contamination and employ the most effective type of surface preparation, leading to better performance of the rehabilitated coating on sites with surface treatment limitations.