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Postgraduate Students


At any time there are between fifteen and twenty postgraduate students in Materials Engineering.


Velile Vilane
Grain refinement of titanium alloys
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Iosif Vazirgiantzikis
Investigation into the surface modification of Ti-6Al-4V to facilitate antimicrobial ionic silver intergration for use in implantable orthopaedic devices
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Lizé-Mari Ferreira
Green composites from castor oil and renewable reinforcing materials
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Mikyle Paul
Investigation into the effect of build direction on fatigue and fracture properties of SLM Nickel-based super alloys used for the manufacture of high speed gas turbine blades
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Ibrahim Stracey
Development of a Small Punch Test rig for embrittlement testing of metallic materials
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Londiwe Motibane
Effect of Increased Powder Pre-Heating on Microstructural Evolution, Distortion caused by Residual Stress and Mechanical properties
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Innocent Mutsakatira
The effect of the surface condition of aluminium ingot (AA 3003) during roll bonding with the clad aluminium alloy AA4343 to form an aluminium brazing material
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Shanle Baron
The effect of homogenization conditions on microstructural evolution during hot rolling of AA3104 aluminium alloy
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Mapula Matjee
Stress Corrosion Cracking resistance to grade 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel weldments
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Hiranya Naicker
Parametric study on the compactibility of Ti-6Al-4V during direct powder rolling
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Kashir Singh
Experimental Investigation of Creep Damage of a Thermally Exposed Component in Coal Power Plants
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Sandy Mariaye
The effects of hydrogen as a temporary element on the compaction, partial sintering, hot rolling and annealing processes in the manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V by powder metallurgy.
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Megan Steytler
The commercial feasibility and potential product applications of direct powder rolled titanium
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Candice Mias
To investigate the effect of processing parameters on the microstructural evolution and texture development in AA3104 aluminium alloy during hot rolling on a reversing mill
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Lehlomelo Matjelo
Mechanical and microstructural characterisation of Ti6Al4V alloy produced by the selective laser melting (SLM) at different scanning speeds
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