Microstructure of AA3104 can-body stock illustrating flow and plastic strain path after high temperature plane strain compression testing using the Gleeble 3800. Sample was anodised and viewed under polarised light. Image by Chase Hyde.

Aluminium sheet metal for beverage can-body manufacture has not yet been produced in South Africa. One of the constraints in this regard has been the availability of a reversing mill only as opposed to the conventional application of tandem mills to finish-hot roll the can-body stock. Recent shifts in beverage can manufacture in South Africa now require a local supply of can-body stock and hence a project has been proposed to develop the capability to produce the required sheet metal at the local Hulamin plant. Our research will examine the effect of reversing mill deformation on the evolution of grain structure and texture with a view to designing hot rolling schedules to allow the product to meet the stringent property requirements for beverage can manufacture.