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Osei Ofosu

Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite

Supervised by Dr K Marcus and funded by Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy (AMTS), Osei’s Project, as part of the AMTS composites projects, will examine the development of advanced hybrid thermoplastic composite material for automotive and aerospace applications.

Thermoplastic composites are one of the fastest growing areas in the plastic industry and have distinct advantage over thermoset counterparts including high impact performance, improved chemical resistance and ability to be recycled.

Advanced thermoplastic composites have found applications in the aerospace industry due to the need for tougher composites with high specific strength and stiffness. Applications include missile and aircraft stabilizer fins, wing ribs and panels, fuselage wall linings and overhead storage compartments, engine housing and helicopter fairings.

The strategic objectives of the project include optimising the properties of the composite material by measuring and characterising the mechanical properties over 3–4 decades of strain, damage and fatigue tolerance, creep testing, fire smoke toxicity, humidity absorption, chemical behaviour and non-destructive evaluation, as well as looking at the economic aspects over traditional materials like light metal alloys.