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Jeremiah Chika Oguh

Supervised by A/Prof. R.D. Knutsen. My research is part of a sponsored project by the AMTS Aerospace program led by the Metals and Metals Processing Group at the CSIR to develop lighter aircraft. My work is geared towards modifying the microstructure of an investment cast Ti -6Al -4V alloy (an aerospace alloy) using hydrogen as a temporary alloying element so as to improve some of its mechanical properties for better efficiency. This technique called Thermo-hydrogen Processing (THP) involves hydrogenation and dehydrogenation process. In this approach, the high diffusivity of hydrogen in titanium is used – first to add hydrogen to the alloy by controlled diffusion from a hydrogen environment and then, after processing, to remove it by vacuum anneal. In the case of near net shapes and complex designs where metal routes are not possible, THP is reported to be the only method for significant microstructural modification.