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Chetan Chhiba

Presently, the cost of titanium alloy production is high mostly due to the high cost of extraction. There is therefore a need to develop alternative low-cost methods of producing titanium alloys. One approach involves powder metallurgy which allows for the cost effective production of near-net shape parts. However, the cost of metal powders is high, particularly for titanium alloys. Another approach involves recycling titanium scrap. Currently titanium scrap is recycled only in a melting process which again consumes high energy. As an alternative, the potential exists to convert titanium waste metal, e.g. machine turnings, into metal powder by a milling process, if the metal can be manipulated to behave in a brittle manner. In this way, the cost of the source material can be significantly reduced.

As a result, the aim of this project is to hydrogenate and convert titanium waste into powder at room temperature. This would require the design and assembly of a suitable hydrogen pressure mill. Optimum milling conditions and parameters will then be investigated for the efficient production of titanium alloy powder from waste titanium.