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BSc(Hons) in Materials Science

  • One year intensive training in Materials Science
  • Open to BSc graduates with three-year degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics or Geology
  • Must have completed BSc in minimum time
  • The structured programme of 144 credits of coursework includes a laboratory project

The curriculum for the Materials Science honours programme:

Core courses:   Credits
MEC4091S Research project 40
MEC4096Z Manufacture & properties of Composites 12
MEC4097Z Manufacture & properties of Ceramics 8
MEC4098Z Manufacture & properties of Metallics 16
MEC4100Z Manufacture & properties of Polymers 12
MEC4114Z Experimental Techniques in Materials Science 16
  Total of 104 core credits  
Elective courses:   Credits

Manufacturing with Materials

MEC3060F Materials under stress 8
MEC4099Z Phase transformations 8
END5044F Professional communications 12